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Welcome to Ullswater and to the Ullswater Way, a new 20 mile walking route that circumnavigates the lake through a spectacular landscape rich in history and cultural heritage.  Whether you walk the whole route or combine a shorter walk with a cruise on the Ullswater Steamers, take a moment to step inside the shoes of those who have lived and worked here throughout history and been inspired by its beauty. View history through the stories of our valley, read the landscape for clues about the past, meet the farmers who have shaped the landscape, the miners who have toiled to extract its riches, and the poets and artists who loved this place.

To find out more about the walk why not download the detailed maps from the LDNP or purchase a copy of The Ullswater Way Official Guide, available for £5 from select shops in the Ullswater Valley, at the National Park Visitor Centre in Glenridding and from the Inspired By Lakeland website.




Find out more about the Ullswater Way walk including route and attraction information

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The Ullswater Way Official Guide by Mark Richards

Download the Ullswater Map and Visitor Guide and for more information visit the website of the Ullswater Association.

Ullswater Map and Visitor Guide Ullswater Map and Visitor Guide